October 12th, 1993

Today I am sixteen. Wow…lol already sixteen. gosh. I really need to sign up for DriversEd. I needs to drive!!!

I thought Hachiko was coming out this Friday am I wrong?

Marching band pratice was eh…but the Field show is THIS Saturday and I do not have the third song memorized!

 I was asked to Homecoming also!


Here is the songs we are performing for my school:



Hut on Fowl’s Legs (Baba Yaga)


Great Gate of Kiev



And also I promise to update some Morning Musume. posts. I have been so busy lately, I am getting behind on the news and not being able to talk about them.


The Creator of Crayon Shin-chan, Yoshito Usui, died

The creator of popular manga and anime is now gone.

He was said to be missing since September 11 when he was climbing Mount Arafune of the Gunma prefecture. The next day his family reported him missing when he did not return from hiking. The police began searching for Usui from the family’s request on September 15. The body was discovered on Saturday, September 19th,  by a climber and on September 20 his body was airlifted. Police concluded it was the 51-yr-old creater and died from collapsed lungs and other injuries.


The Crayon Shin-Chan manga will continue until November.


Even when I was little, I rememebered watching Crayon Shin-chan on TV and til this day I still have episodes in videos. Everytime I would visit famliy in Japan I would remember to watch Shin-Chan when it was on. Yoshito Usui, he will be missed and so will Crayon Shin-chan.


MoMusu. 41st single, “Kimagure Princess” c/w song title: “Ashite Ashite Ato Ippun”

「愛して 愛して 後一分」

“Love Me, Love Me! For Just One More Minute”

Title for the 41st single C/W has been revealed as Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun (Translated: “Love Me, Love Me! For Just One More Minute”).

Hope Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun” will be a balled and still wishing for a preview of  “Kimagure Princess” ,  will this song be an upbeat one?

Kimagure Princess” single will be released on Oct. 28th.

It looks like the c/w sounds more like a ballad, something which might mean that there is a possibility that the A-side is upbeat (just a guess). Hopefully we get a preview of “Kimagure Princess”。「気まぐれプリンセス」 to find out if it is upbeat or not.

The single is set for release on 10/28.

Neowing Site For Kimagure Princess

Source of Title: AlwaysAi & Nayok-Kihara @ Hello!Online



Haha I haven’t read some fanfics in awhile. So I came across this one fanfic starring TakaGaki on Hello-Online, written by indigoburulove, it was really great I just couldn’t get away from my computer, so I finished the whole story in one day! My favorite pairing, Takahashi Ai and Niigaki Risa. “Look Only at Me” is the title, so I recommend this for any TakaGaki fans that are interested.

If anybody else knows some more TakaGaki fanfics please leave a comment and link.


Morning Musume.’s 41st Single “Kimagure Princess”

MoMusu34-1.jpg picture by LovelyGaki 


Morning Musume.’s 41st Single has been announced and the title is Kimagure Princess (translated to something like “Moody Princess” or “Whimsical Princess”). The single will be released in Regular, Limited A, Limited B, and Limited C versions.

Limited A and B will have DVDs, and Limited C will have 10 different covers (Something like they did with Ambitious, 9 solo covers and 1 group cover).

I’m surprised MoMusu. is already releasing another single, I’m still trying to memorize Nanchatte Renai. A preview should be ready within this month or so.

The release date for the single has been moved to 10/28, and the Single V’s release date has been changed to 11/4.

E-Hon Page For Morning Musume Kimagure Princess Limited A

E-Hon Page For Mornign Musume Kimagure Princess Limited B

E-Hon Page For Morning Musume Kimagure Princess Limited C

E-Hon Page For the Single V


Third Week Sales- Nanchatte Renai

Nanchatte Renai 3rd week sales update :
Weekly Rank: #46
Sales: 2,157
Total Sales: 68,401

LEANanchatteRenai.jpg LE A Nanchtte Renai picture by LovelyGaki

The third week sales of Nanchatte Renai「なんちゃって恋愛」is 2,157 with a weekly rank of #46, total sales equal to now 68,401. Nanchatte Renai has now surpassed the sales of THE Manpower!!!.

Close to 70,o00 but still not bad.

Congrats to MoMusu.!


Morning Musume. 2010 Calender Covers Released!

MM2010Calender.jpg MM 2010 Calender picture by LovelyGaki 

Morning Musume., Berryz Koubou, °C-ute, and Mano Erina’s 2010 calender covers have been released. I’m liking the whole black dresses and all, especially Ai-chan’s dress the most. Loving Gaki-san’s hair haha. The cover seems elegant and gives MoMusu. a mature look.

Can’t wait for the other photos for the year!

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